Vision and Mission


By investing in renewable energy sources, wpd Adria wants to contribute to climate protection, decarbonization, and the Croatian and regional economy. The usage of renewable energy has multiple positive effects, especially on carbon footprint reduction and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels all while providing the clean energy on which sustainable development can be based.


Based on our previous good practice and genuine care, we want to become the most desirable partner for local communities when it comes to the development of renewable energy projects. Understanding the needs of the community and specifications when developing is the base for successful projects that are going to be achieved on ambitious terms and provide our investors with optimal results, all while providing clean energy to customers in Croatia and the region.

The notion of sustainability and socially aware treatment of our environment are important issues to wpd. For that reason, wpd is not only contributing to the supply of green electricity but also offsetting part of the CO₂ emissions caused by the company itself. In the medium term, all emissions caused by wpd are to be compensated.

wpd GmbH is driven by its desire to protect the climate and look after our natural resources. That’s why we make such a strong commitment. Naturally by expanding wind and solar energy but also by maintaining a responsible view of our daily work. For example, we are trying to reduce the number of flights and car journeys and instead, we use the train or our company bicycles on shorter distances.

We also analyze our carbon emissions caused by the energy requirements of our offices and our travel, and we offset them at least partially. To this end, we have committed to various projects, for example, reforestation in Guatemala, the conservation of land and resources in Sri Lanka, and the replacement of petroleum lamps with solar lighting in Pakistan.

We regularly receive positive feedback from these projects. For example, the rainforest in Guatemala has been steadily extended in the last few years. The local population is also involved in the campaign and trained accordingly. Farmers today are adopting sustainable methods of agriculture and are taking care of replenishing their forestry stocks.

Financing solar lighting in Pakistan as a result of doing away with petroleum lamps that damage the environment and health enables us to achieve numerous goals at the same time: it saves a lot of carbon and eases the financial burden on families and children can study longer in the evening. Small building blocks that we see as sensible and significant.

„It is a matter of importance to us that we complement our successful commitment in the wind sector by also supporting non-commercial projects from other fields and thus making our own small contribution towards the preservation of our planet.”

Dr. Hartmut Brösamle
Chairman of wpd GmbH