Local government units

We have been a reliable partner for local communities when it comes to wind farms development. We are providing support in every project phase, from the idea to construction. When it comes to spatial planning, a crucial step in the development process, wpd contributes to solutions that benefit settlements, economic activities and that provide new opportunities for land use, all without having a negative impact on the environment.

When it is aligned with the needs of local government unit, wind farm development contributes to fire protection, accessibility and road infrastructure, especially in previously isolated and hard to reach areas. All of that contributes to development of agricultural, recreational and touristic potential and activities. Furthermore, local government unit annually generates revenues from production, which further benefits local community.

General public has to be involved to the development of these project in order for them to feel the direct benefits. For that reason, we are always looking for local suppliers and other ways to involve the community. Communication is transparent and direct which ensures acceptable and fair development conditions. Furthermore, as a part of our corporate social responsibility, we are donating to the institutions and promoting the development of the communities in which projects are being realized. We are ready for long-term projects with local government units and we believe that together we can create an optimal concept for each Municipality or City.