Owners of the developing projects

We are happy to evaluate any offer, no mater in which stage of the development the project is or wheatear it is being developed by a natural person, trade or a company. Every project that is revolving around potential of renewable energy is in our interest. If the project has potential, we are looking to form a best possible partnership and realize profitable projects, while maintaining good relations with stakeholders.

We have extensive experience with mediating conflicts between stakeholders involved, so the projects that are delayed often get realized when we get involved. Working with wpd means respecting your partners no matter how big or small they are.

We like to wok with partners who have good local connections and can estimate the needs of the community where the project should take place. wpd employees themselves are experienced in project developing, with the corporate culture that is focused on the efficiency, short chain of decision making, and a financial potential, we successfully bring ideas together which all brings value as a project partner.

The circumstances on energy market are constantly changing, making it more difficult to secure financing especially in the project preparation. For that reason, a number of smaller projects with private investors don’t get realized on time and even after the investor puts in considerable funds in the development, they came to the market already outdated and not profitable. Working with wpd reduces that risk and increases the chances of timely realization of the project.